Healthy Food for Healthy Hair

A look at healthy food to have healthy hair

Your hair is your crowning glory. For a lot of people, the hair makes all the difference in enhancing their personality, their public image and their physical features. To maximize the benefits from our hair, we need to have a hair cut that fits our facial bone structure. Different facial shapes need different hair cuts to complement one another.

However, even with a good haircut, you still cannot fully say that you got the most from your hair. The foundation of a glorious mane is still a healthy scalp and hair roots. There are several ways to achieve this, from the products that you used to wash and care for your hair to the food that you eat every day. It is important that each thing that you use and eat should have a positive bearing on your hair.

Foremost, a protein-rich diet can help enhance the glow and growth of your hair. Contrary to popular belief, hair loss is caused by excessive hair fall. With improper hair care procedures and the use of the wrong products, your thick hair may soon be reduced to a single thin clump. Moreover, an unhealthy lifestyle, including eating the wrong kinds of food, can cause your hair to be dull and dry.

While it is important to use the right hair care products, the food that you eat has significant effect not only on your body but also on the growth and health of your hair. This is where food that are rich in protein become essential factors in your diet.

They may be small but legumes and nuts can give your hair sufficient amounts of protein for that body and bounce. Aside from protein, this food group is also a good source of zinc, iron and biotin, all essential nutrients to give hair a healthy glow. Poultry products like chicken meat and eggs are also rich in protein. You should consider eating them in ample amounts especially when your hair has become too dry and brittle.

A diet rich in Vitamins A and C can also do miracles for your hair, those which no expensive hair care product can provide. Dark green vegetables are the best sources of these vitamins as well as citrus fruits.  These nutrients help promote the production of sebum which is the oil that your hair produces. This is a natural hair conditioner that is secreted from the roots and scalp. The brushing and combing action ensures the distribution of sebum from the hair roots to the tips.

Alpha-linoleic and Omega-3 fatty acids can also do wonders for your hair. These nutrients enrich the scalp, giving strong foundation for the growth of healthier hair. These nutrients can also help those people who have thinning hair. One good source of these nutrients is salmon. Aside from providing the healthy kind of fat, salmon can also nourish your scalp from within. Nuts also have fair amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. You can benefit from nuts by munching on them every now and then or using their oil extracts directly onto your scalp.

If you are following a diet program or have certain food inclinations, your hair can still benefit from the food that you eat. It is better to do a research on those that you eat and adjust the amounts if necessary. However, there is no harm in trying one or two of the other nutrient sources as long as you don’t have any history of allergic reactions to them. Nuts are one of the major causes of allergens that can trigger the allergic reaction.


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There is never a good substitute for good diet. Coupled with a good hair care program, you can maintain your hair’s volume and health even through your senior years. You reduce your risk of suffering from hair loss or other hair problems associated with poor nutrition and care.

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